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Friday, February 19, 2021

OPEN TALK: AI — Used Right — will Accelerate Cloud Development by 100X
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Gonçalo Gaiolas
Gonçalo Gaiolas
OutSystems, VP of Product

AI is at the peak of its hype cycle. Too often, ‘AI-capable’ refers to marketing claims instead of practical value add. For this reason, developers tend to be skeptical about AI-driven development. Slapdash application of AI ends up diminishing developer’s creativity and effectiveness.

When implemented in inventive, unique ways, AI dramatically improves the productivity of developers and opens up new opportunities for creativity – especially when applied to cloud app development. Furthermore, beyond the initial development process, AI has the potential to completely transform the entire application lifecycle. Pairing AI with visual, model-driven development enables guidance to be both more powerful and less obtrusive and can compress CI/CD pipelines into days or even hours, instead of weeks.

Come join us as we discuss the three most fundamental design decisions regarding integrating AI into an application platform, our experience analyzing models based on 10s of millions of application graphs and flows, and explore the implications for improving your cloud development productivity by 100x.