DeveloperWeek 2021 DeveloperWeek 2021

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

PRO WORKSHOP: Application Performance Management ≄ Application Stability Management
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James Smith
James Smith
Bugsnag, CEO & Co-Founder

Have you ever tried to hammer a nail with a pair of pliers? While you may succeed eventually, the process is inefficient and frustrating because you’re using the wrong tool. The same holds true for developers who try to work with application performance management (APM) solutions to monitor mobile and web applications. Because these solutions are designed for DevOps and infrastructure teams to monitor backend systems and performance, they don’t provide the insights developers need into release stability, errors, and how these are impacting the customer experience.
Then there are application stability management (ASM) solutions, which are built specifically for engineering organizations. ASM provides actionable insights into how stable the application is, where bugs exist, and how to improve the end user experience. James Smith, CEO of Bugsnag, will explain the differences between the two solutions and outlines the benefits organizations can achieve when APM and ASM are provided to the right teams.