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Thursday, February 18, 2021

PRO SESSION: Developer Training Is Broken. Here's How We Fix It
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Mark Lassoff
Mark Lassoff
Framework Television, Founder

A constant refrain among leaders in development is that while there are innumerable candidates for any given job, finding someone with the right skills is often impossible. Developers blame HR for recruiting the wrong candidates. New recruits are difficult to ramp up to productivity and many don't work out at all. The recruiting and hiring cycle lengthens and no one is happy.

The problem, however, is not with individual recruitment pools, HR policies, or company geography. The real problem is with an ecosystem for training developers that is broken on every level.

With everything from University programs producing degreed computer scientists to boot camps graduating "full-stack" developers within weeks, one might think that filling developers' roles was easy-- But the plethora of contemporary training opportunities have only added complexity and noise to the milieu.

In this session, award-winning online instructor Mark Lassoff, will discuss the problems endemic in developer training and make suggestions that any company can implement to start fixing the problems. Lassoff has taught over 1.5 million developers online and thoroughly understand the upsides and limitations of the current training models.

After this session, you will be better equipped to recruit, onboard, and retain entry-level developers. You will also be better positioned to advocate for industry-level change so that there is a better match between those completing training and the opportunities awaiting them.