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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

PRO WORKSHOP: You Sure, You Want to Be an Engineering Manager?
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Sonali Kalgaonkar
Sonali Kalgaonkar
Intuit, Sr Development Manager | Leader Tech Women

If you’ve been someone like me, been in the industry for a while, and have completed years as an engineer, you might have this difficult question: What’s next? Shall I continue on the technology ladder or explore the possibility of tech leadership path. A lot of companies like Intuit will have a career path split, usually after the senior engineer level: technical or management path. So which one should you pick? Usually, the choice is very clear for engineers who want to stay in technology. However, there are people like me indecisive, not sure which choice to make.
A lot of people deal with this dilemma, in this session, I will unpack of responsibilities to Engineer and Manager aspects of this role. For e. How as an engineer this role becomes the flag bearer of Operational and Technical Excellence of the product development. And as a manager make a high performing team by Hire/Grow and Retain and effective Team and People Management.
In the end - Technical managers are a special breed, requiring both technical savvy and people skills. It’s an interesting work, at times the technical aspects will need more attention, sometimes it’s the people aspects. In this leadership role, we can create a bigger impact than by writing code myself.