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KEYNOTE: Cloudsmith – Why Continuous Packaging Is Vital to Secure Pipelines

Dan McKinney
Cloudsmith, Developer Relations Lead

With over 10 years in the world of engineering, Dan currently leads Developer Relations at Cloudsmith. Bridging the gap between customer success, engineering and marketing, Dan is incredibly passionate about helping people and organizations implement and adopt technologies that secure their software supply chain.

In addition to Developer Relations, Dan is also the voice and creator behind Cloudsmith’s YouTube tutorials, guides and the key writer behind all blogs and documentation.

Fun fact: Dan is also a professional DJ with over 2,000 gigs under his belt alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Building modern DevOps pipelines relies on using best-in-class developer tools, with a deep focus on providing real actionable developer value, and gluing them together. At Cloudsmith we believe good old package management needs a serious refresh, with a name befitting its focus on DevSecOps. We call it Continuous Packaging.

Today, building automation and security into software supply chains requires packaging source code, dependencies, and containers into logical, versioned units. Shift-Left security is not enough. Every organization needs a reliable Package Delivery Network, a single pane of glass through which you can see the flow of packages providing much-needed isolation and provenance. Two concepts we’ll outline as vital for managing secure distribution and deployments.