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KEYNOTE (ProductWorld): Vonage – Putting Customer Communications at the Center of the E-Commerce Experience

Brian Gilman
Vonage, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing

Brian Gilman joined Vonage in 2017 as the VP of Product Marketing. Now, as VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, Mr. Gilman is responsible for bringing product marketing to life through a solutions approach. He oversees all cross-portfolio solutions development, vertical market solution creation, and thought leadership on how communications can transform business.

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Gilman is customer focused with a record of success in developing and implementing strategic B2B marketing plans, engaging in high-touch sales activities, executing comprehensive research projects and building sales tools within the information technology market.

Whether you’re in e-commerce or food delivery, it’s imperative to keep customers informed and connect them with the right resource when they’re seeking answers. With online purchasing increasing and more people working from home, buyers are engaging with brands digitally across multiple channels. As a result, e-commerce needs to go omnichannel. What’s more, context, real-time communications, AI, social chatbots and robust contact centers are all necessary to meet rising customer demands in this growing space.

In this session, Brian Gilman, VP of Solutions Marketing at Vonage will discuss key trends within the retail space that has prompted the need for putting customer communications at the center and how APIs have been able to meet these demands. This includes:
- Increased focus to create in-store experiences online: With limitations in physical interactions, retailers are looking to bring the in-store experience online with personalized virtual appointments and experiential content through live streaming. This creates a huge opportunity to use video to build on customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty.

- IT teams are looking to move to the cloud: IDC notes that the demand for cloud-based contact center solutions is outpacing the demand for on-premises solutions, and with good reason. By moving your communications from legacy, on-premises systems to cloud-based software, you can experience greater reliability, global carrier connectivity and robust security.

- Customers expect more: Existing online retailers and brick-and-mortars, looking to transition into the e-commerce space, need to bring context, real-time updates and transparency to fulfill the modern shopper’s expectations. Fortunately, communications APIs have become easily accessible with robust omnichannel capabilities that allow brands to easily build unique and satisfying customer journeys to make shoppers come back for more.