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OPEN TALK: Context Switching Is Hurting Developer Productivity. Here Is How to Fix It

Peter Pezaris
CodeStream, CEO and Founder

Peter is Founder & CEO of CodeStream, a developer collaboration solution that integrates GitHub, JIRA, Slack and other essential dev tools into popular IDEs. Prior to CodeStream, Peter was Founder & CEO of Glip, a team collaboration platform acquired by RingCentral in 2015, and, a social commerce platform acquired by Naspers in 2010. He also founded, one of the first online fantasy sports platforms, which was acquired by CBS in 1999. A seasoned entrepreneur and tech executive, Peter is a recognized expert in the collaboration and social networking space, pioneering several of today’s most commonly used features in real-time messaging. Peter holds a BS degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Context switching between your IDE,, JIRA, Terminal, and Slack is no way to optimize collaboration and it results in countless hours of distraction and lack of focus, hurting code quality. Team alignment and productivity depend on just the right mix of collaboration and staying in the zone. Extensible IDEs are opening the door to great innovation in developer workflow. Turning the IDE into the true Hub of the development flow is the best way to integrate the essential tools into a cohesive and streamlined process. In the future, your code host, issue tracker and messaging app will be placed where they belong: In your editor. Here we will discuss how such an integration should happen, and we will spell out the benefits that accrue to the individual developer, the team and the organization.