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OPEN TALK: Get Your CI/CD Pipeline Flowing

Kate Shastakova
Trulioo, Front end developer

Kate is a front end developer at Trulioo. Writing code since 2016.
A strong believer in code best practices.
So old that remembers CD also stands for "Compact Disk".

Alexander Julianto
Trulioo, Software Engineer

Alex is a software engineer at Trulioo.
Wrote his first Hello World code in Middle School.
Likes to build different kinds of software application,
ranging from an enterprise level software to the weird ones.


When your team grows, last-minute deployment scrambles need to be swapped out for scalable pipelines. Our strategic insights will help you channel a sea of CI/CD tools and best practices to inspire your own end-to-end delivery pipeline for JavaScript projects. This seminar is a must-attend for those who are ready to streamline development processes and ensure quick releases without compromising code quality.