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OPEN TALK (ProductWorld): Defining and Measuring Success in Product

Sebastian Honores Espejo
Fever Labs, Director of Product Management

Seasoned Product leader and veteran, with over 10 years’ e-commerce experience. During this time, he has pioneered the use of Data Science and Personalisation at, built multiple product organisations from the ground up and - in the process - improved the experience of millions of users in the travel & leisure space

Starting by the premise that the way a PM measures success, shapes her Product more than any feature they'll ever ship - I’ll talk about the 4 steps one should go through to properly define and measure such success.
Step 1: Related to the end-goal-definition of the company, where I introduce the concept of Customer Equity
Step 2: where I talk about focusing on a specific family of problems, by deciding between bringing new customers in vs. keeping the existing ones loyal
Step 3: Where I use the case of Booking and Fever, to break down those families of problems into specific KPIs
Step 4: Where I provide actionable guidelines and tips on how to ultimately define / choose a KPI