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OPEN TALK: Tackling the Mighty PDF with a Modern API

Ben Ogle
Anvil, Co-founder and CTO

Ben is the co-founder and CTO of Anvil. Previously, he was the lead engineer and product manager on Github Atom, a popular text editor with over 1 million active users built on Electron. Ben also founded (YC S12), a design collaboration tool acquired by Github in 2013. Ben is a big supporter of Javascript and Node, and has continued to contribute to the open-source community.

PDFs are everywhere but they are painful to deal with and even harder to write code for. We’ll talk about why PDFs are challenging and share a better way to programmatically interact with them.

Come hear about:
* Why PDFs are everywhere (with examples)
* Why PDFs are hard to deal with
* A live demo of the Anvil PDF API—the easiest way to incorporate PDF creation, filling, and signing