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OPEN TALK: Testing Security of Micro-Services, APIs and Cloud-Native Apps in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Asma Zubair
Synopsys, Product Management Manager

Asma Zubair is a seasoned product leader with extensive experience managing and launching products and services in the application security and application protection space. At Synopsys, Asma manages Seeker, the industry’s first IAST solution with active verification and sensitive-data tracking for web-based applications. Prior to Synopsys, Asma led teams at WhiteHat Security, The Find (Facebook), and Yahoo!. Asma holds a degree in electrical engineering from IIT in India and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Are you struggling with security testing of your APIs, web-services or cloud-native applications? Are you looking for new ways to test security without impacting velocity? Would you like to get visibility into sensitive data that your application handles? If answer to any of these questions is yes, allow us to introduce you to new and unique ways to perform security testing. In this session, we will give you an overview of developer friendly security test tools from Synopsys for unparalleled accuracy and visibility into application vulnerabilities with remediation guidance and just-in-time contextual training to help your developers with remediation effort to improve your application security posture.