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OPEN TALK: The Secret to Achieving Tech Giant Innovation Velocity

Dan Graves
Delphix, Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Graves is an enterprise software veteran of over 30 years, with deep experience in cloud, software development, security and AI. At Stanford, his graduate work in computer engineering was focused on AI and neural networks, and he interned at both Xerox PARC and the Rockwell International AI labs. Also at Rockwell, Daniel had development roles building the user interface for one of the first GPS devices as well as the 747 cockpit avionics display. At NeXT, Daniel had the incredible opportunity to work directly with Steve Jobs and learned a great deal about driving world-changing customer experiences. At NetDynamics, Apple and Sun, he held Product Management leadership roles focused on developer tools. Next up was diving into the world of security at Symantec with Product Management leadership positions focused on data security and regulatory compliance and as the Cloud CTO. Daniel is currently the CTO at Delphix.

Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have set a north star for companies around the world to stay competitive. They engineer away every impediment to fast, reliable software releases.

To achieve Internet and cloud speed and scale, everything, including data, has to be programmable and API-driven.

Over the last two decades, storage, compute, and code have all been automated, but data remains heavy, complex, and filled with security and compliance risks.

Join this session to learn how to solve your most daunting data challenges the modern way— with programmable data infrastructure.