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OPEN TALK: Up Your Executive Game: The Topics That Technical Leaders Should Cover at Board Meetings

Andrew Lau
Jellyfish, Cofounder and CEO

Andrew Lau is the Cofounder and CEO of Jellyfish, where he helps engineering leaders use data to make informed management decisions and align their teams to business strategy. Before that, he was a long-time engineer, and eventually the VP of Engineering at Endeca where he managed increasingly large teams of engineers. Since then, he's gone on to co-found several more companies as a technical founder, and has even served as the Chief Strategy Officer at Nanigans before leaving to co-found Jellyfish. At every company and every level, Andrew saw that too few business leaders recognize the value of their engineering management teams. He founded Jellyfish to give those engineering executives the tools they need to be great leaders—to help drive the product strategy and execute the operational components of that strategy.

The task at hand: brief your executives and the board on the progress you’ve made this quarter. Business execs and board members want to see what it is your team is doing, or whether and why you are or are not doing whatever is in their head. This can be tough when it comes to engineering. You may know how your team is performing, and you know what they’re doing, but it can be a challenge to present this to the business and board members. What topics should technical leaders cover, and how should they present those topics to answer the board’s questions even before they’re asked?

Andrew Lau, engineering leader turned CEO of Jellyfish has experienced these presentations from both sides. In this session, he’ll walk through:
- Why engineering leaders can and should be more influential in executive decision-making
- The most important topics that your board will want to hear about
- How and where to find the data
- How to present it in ways that will resonate with business executives