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OPEN TALK: Why Your APIs Should Fly First Class

Robert Ross
FireHydrant, CEO and Co-Founder

Robert “Bobby” Ross is the CEO and co-founder of FireHydrant, an incident management platform that allows you to resolve, learn, and mitigate incidents faster. Bobby began building FireHydrant in 2017 when he felt the pains of incident response as a staff software engineer at Namely. Prior to that, he was at DigitalOcean and Thunderbolt Labs.

Bobby has always had an interest in incident response from when he began maintaining production systems. He is based in New York City, enjoys a great cocktail, learning about bleeding-edge tech, and making software that helps teams build better systems.

Picture yourself flying First Class. You board the plane first, you get champagne, and you feel as though you’re the most important. Why not treat your APIs the same way? Join FireHydrant’s CEO and Co-Founder, Robert Ross, for this session where he’ll share why putting your APIs first can be a game-changer for your business.

In this session we’ll discuss:
- The benefits of building your API first and how it can pay dividends in the long haul
- The different types of APIs and which choice is the right choice
- The importance of hosting API documentation