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PRO SESSION: Delivering Visual Perception and Holographic Content with AI

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Taylor Scott
IKIN, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Taylor Scott is founder and chief technology officer of IKIN, where he oversees the company’s initiatives for creating holographic solutions for consumer and industrial applications. His diverse background spans a broad range of disciplines that includes biochemical engineering, organic chemistry, holographic technology, electronics engineering, and artificial intelligence. He has worked in the field of holography for years and participated in iconic large stage events. Taylor resides in San Diego.

AI and ML are frequently utilized to optimize processing, adding efficiency and improving performance of applications. Approaching the use of AI and ML from a different perspective can dramatically change the way image processing and display delivers visual data to the eyes of users. Particularly volumetric data.
Holograms have been around for a long time, but the ability to efficiently produce, transmit and display interactive holographic images has historically placed insurmountable demands on processing engines, preventing the potential to make practical consumer-level applications a reality.
Rather than trying to produce and ship the complete volumetric data package, AI and ML can be used to train cores to understand how the human brain needs to receive images for volume perception and preselect the necessary data needed by a user’s retinas, dramatically reducing the necessary transmission bandwidth and display processing demands. Such threaded volumetric processing capabilities can be utilized by developers to add differentiating holographic capabilities and features to applications.
Putting these capabilities into a developer’s toolkit can facilitate the incorporation of volumetric imagery that can be displayed through advanced depth field solutions which entice users, promote loyalty and add exponential value, thereby creating new avenues for monetization.
The speaker will highlight design tools available in standard development platforms which facilitate the incorporation of 3-D and holographic content into applications. In addition, the speaker will demonstrate ways users can be empowered to create and manipulate volumetric content on mobile devices, further expanding the application scope.