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PRO SESSION: Do Not Download Your PDF: A Story of Digital Document Usability and Security in Your Application

Andrey Safonov
PDFTron, Solutions Engineer

Andrey helps enterprises use document technology to solve business problems. He is a passionate full-stack developer who drives customer success by working together to build scalable and performant technical solutions.

The usage of digital documents within an app affects basically every industry and use-case. Have you ever looked into incorporating documents in your application? There’s a lot to consider. And what about digital security? When it comes to thinking about the document lifecycle within an app, there are several things to consider:
- The in-app experience when working with multiple documents
- Integrating a viewer inside of the app beyond any built-in viewers
- Providing consistent behaviour across multiple browsers
- Providing customized UI for annotating PDFs, images, MS Office documents and videos
- Improving your search across multiple documents beyond just title and metadata