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PRO SESSION: Leveraging APIs to Create Smarter Cities

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Luke Segars
Passport, Director of Product Management

Luke is responsible for using data to better serve Passport’s clients, consisting of more than 1,000 cities and universities. Before Passport, Luke launched and led instruction at a new campus for a coding bootcamp; he also spent three years as a product manager for search and ad effectiveness at Google, launching several key products that generated over $500M in incremental revenue. He received his Master’s in Computer Science from UC Berkeley with concentrations in computer science education and distributed systems

City Implementation Role: Luke is involved primarily during the setup phase of the City’s implementation, ensuring Passport’s solution includes components that align with the scope outlined in this RFP. Luke has an intimate knowledge of Passport’s product line and is heavily involved in ensuring that Passport delivers a product that meets the City’s current demands and that is capable of scaling for future needs as well. This includes liaising between Passport’s engineering teams to communicate configurations and building out Passport’s product roadmap as necessary to support client projects.

Parking and mobility payments is an industry undergoing a renaissance, accelerated by the sudden need to reduce shared surfaces such as parking meters and physical currency in the wake of COVID-19. Citizens now need to make parking payments through digital sources they already have on hand like mapping services, connected vehicles, or mobile applications. Cities and third-party partners are racing to leverage operating systems via open-APIs to offer better parking payment options.

But how does a business integrate its API at scale across thousands of clients who all have unique needs and requirements? Luke Segars breaks down his technical learnings and offers best-practices for developers tackling similar challenges across any industry.