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PRO SESSION: You are Moldable, Yes? How to NOT Leave all the Molding to Others..and Thrive!

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Sneha Singla
Salesforce, Senior Engineering Manager

Sneha Singla is a Senior Engineering Manager at Salesforce. She has been in the tech industry for 16 years and has worn various hats of a Developer, Technical Lead, Scrum master and currently an Engineering Manager. She is a first-generation immigrant and is passionate about bringing awareness about driving gender diversity through intentional recruiting and mentorship. She interviews mentors engineers inside and outside of Salesforce and is a part of the Deloitte and Salesforce’s Pathfinder program. She is the regional President of the SouthAsiaForce employee resource group at Salesforce where she works to advocate for cultural diversity. She is also one of the co-founders of the Women In Engineering Leadership group at Salesforce that works towards helping women realize their potential in tech. She has led programs and moderated panel discussions at various SouthAsiaForce events. She is a member of the GraceHopper Conference 2020 Career Committee as well.

We all know that out-of-the-box thinking is a highly valued competence that is deeply sought in all fields -- including engineering -- to attain exponential growth. But it also is truly exhausting to be different from others at the table, so why not just comply?  Learn about tools to identify, self-examine, strategize, and break the mold leading yourself to new horizons and own your success.