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PRO WORKSHOP: JavaScript Worker Procs, Communication, and Storage Features

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Sam Nasr
NIS Technologies, Sr. Software Engineer

Sam Nasr has been a software developer since 1995, focusing mostly on Microsoft technologies. Having achieved multiple certifications from Microsoft (MCSA, MCAD, MCTS, and MCT), Sam develops, teaches, and tours the country to present various topics in .Net. He’s involved with the Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group, where he has been the group leader since 2003. In addition, he’s the leader of the .Net Study Group, an author for Visual Studio Magazine, and a Microsoft MVP since 2013. When not coding, Sam loves spending time with his family and friends or volunteering at his local church.

JavaScript has become one of the dominant languages on the web. To enable a richer client experience, JavaScript utilizes worker processes that expedite AJAX calls with little complexity, and web sockets for bi-directional communication. In addition, JavaScript APIs are now available to facilitate user’s geographical location access. In this session, we’ll review these features and discuss how they can be applied to any modern web site.
 Web Workers
 Web Sockets
 GeoLocation
 Web Storage
 Modernizr