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PRO WORKSHOP (ProductWorld): Setting up Product Owners for Success

Cathy Cao
Olive Tree Holdings, Director of Digital

Cathy believes in the importance of collaboration to create the best product and maintain long term success. Her experience has trained her to be a great listener and communicator; her career path demonstrates her strengths in bringing innovation to and effecting change at the companies she has worked with.

Cathy brings her depth of experience developing digital products and executing strategic, data driven, digital marketing campaigns to Olive Tree as Director of Digital. Prior to joining Olive Tree, Cathy led the digital marketing and growth efforts at Meridian Capital Group, and prior to that, Cathy was the first marketer at the real estate technology unicorn: Compass. At Compass, she was integral in building the marketing platform for their Real Estate agents and scaling the offerings from 60 to 3000 agents over 4 years.

Cathy is a foodie and in her spare time, she is either cooking or eating. 

Grzegorz Lotysz
Boldare, Senior Product Designer

A Senior Product Designer at Boldare with two decades of experience in digital product design and development, Grzegorz is a full stack product designer. Participating in every stage of the FCPD process (Full Cycle Product Development) Grzegorz helps build amazing products from their very first steps. He holds the Design System Evangelist and Software Architect roles at Boldare, working with customers on their digital products at every stage of maturity: prototypes, MVPs, product-market fit or with scaling bigger products to new targets and markets. 

Grzegorz previously worked as a creative director and has experience as a company owner. As a product designer, Grzegorz is driven by data, domain and, most importantly, user needs while being in love with Scrum and Agile. He’s also a bit of a coder, which is priceless experience when working on software development.

Aneta Orszewska
Boldare, New Products Guide

Aneta holds a New Products Guide role at Boldare. She is helping to transform the great ideas of our partners into amazing digital products. She supports Product Owners in the Product Discovery process, boosting goal-oriented and value-driven spirit, creating a unique nursery for the products to be born and grow to succeed on the market.Aneta has over 15 years of experience in business development and product management and dozens of successfully guided products. She is passionate about agile product management, empowerment, and leadership.

When working on a digital product, the Product Owner and Scrum Master should work hand in hand as driving forces of the project. However, it’s not always the case and collaboration is not always as seamless as we would like it to be. Additionally, the remote work conditions are not making anything easier for such duos. In this session, we would like to share some of our experiences, good practices and tips related to collaboration of Product Owner and a Scrum Master. The story is based on a partnership between Boldare, the digital product development company, and OliveTree. Both companies jointly developed an MVP app and have learned some insights, had some entertaining stories and new questions about the role of Product Owners which we hope to discuss in this panel.

Come meet and hear from the Boldare and Olive Tree speakers, and learn how Scrum Master can support Product’s Owner in the quest of delivering the best digital products.