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PRO WORKSHOP (ProductWorld): Virtual Table Estimation: Rapid Collaborative Estimation for Product Teams

Paul Sobocinski
Connected, Engineering Practice Director

Paul has been a coder professionally for over 15 years, and has worn the hat of team lead for close to a dozen Agile product teams across multiple companies. He is passionate about empowering diligent product development professionals to deliver on their best work, whatever the context -- be it a scrappy startup, a well-funded scale-up, or an established Fortune 500 company.

Does your product team believe in estimating backlog items collaboratively, yet struggles with:

- finding the time to estimate?
- choosing which backlog items to estimate?
- reaching consensus on estimates?
- finding effective estimation techniques for a distributed work environment?

If so, this workshop can help you. This workshop demonstrates an estimation technique that allows for rapid and collaborative estimation. The facilitator of this workshop has both participated in and facilitated Table Estimation sessions at multiple product companies and teams. This workshop covers an adaptation of the technique that allows it to be used in remote and distributed work environments.