Tuesday, February 8, 2022

OPEN TALK: Merge Pull Requests in Half the Time: 5 New Ideas
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Dan Lines
Dan Lines
LinearB, Co-Founder & COO

I just wrote some code that can have a positive effect on our customers and I’m motivated to release it as quickly as possible. I need your help but you are busy and motivated to continue working on your own code. I call this conflict The Pull Request Paradox.

This problem is not theoretical - it effects most developers every day. The average pull request takes 4 days to merge from when it's opened and half of that time is idle time. Which means every PR sits idle for two days on average! That idle time reduces our code quality, kills our flow and makes it really hard to plan our sprints accurately.

In this talk I'm sharing:

* New ideas to to merge your PRs faster based on analysis of 733K PRs from 26K developers
* Why asynchronous is NOT better than synchronous when it comes to PR code reviews
* Context you can add to your pull requests to get it reviewed by your team 5X faster
* How idle time in PRs reduces situational awareness and increases cognitive load
* Why the time of day you open your pull request effects how quickly you merge