Tuesday, February 8, 2022

OPEN TALK: Testing in Production with Feature Flags & Continuous Delivery
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Dave Nielsen
Dave Nielsen
Harness.io, Sr. Director, Community & Developer Relations

Testing in production used to be a joke. In fact, it was a popular "Most interesting man in the world" meme. But as life often imitates art, this meme has become reality. As it turns out, the best tests to learn from are the ones that match production. So when looking for feature flag solutions, developers and software delivery teams find themselves looking for ways to test their code and deployments in prod!

In this talk we will dip our toes into the world of feature flags. We'll begin with an overview of what feature flags are, how to think about them, and why both engineers and business users find them valuable. In addition, you’ll also learn about how to get started with feature flags, and the key things to look out for once you "Do it live!" .