Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: The Open Source Path to Developing Enterprise Blockchain Platforms and Tools
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David Boswell
David Boswell
Hyperledger Foundation, Senior Director of Community Architecture
Hart Montgomery
Hart Montgomery
Fujitsu Research, Cryptographer
Peter Somogyvari
Peter Somogyvari
Accenture, Technology Architect Manager

Enterprise blockchain is a team sport. The technology serves as shared de facto infrastructure for stakeholders across and between organizations. Community-built DLTs serve as the foundation for decentralizing critical processes and creating transparent operations with trust built in at the core.

Increasingly, enterprises are looking to deploy blockchain platforms in larger systems and more complex solutions. This means integrating with other systems and even other blockchains. The open source development model is now delivering on a new generation of tools and technologies to make deployments simpler, to help networks interoperate and more.

In this talk, David Boswell, Senior Director of Community Architecture at the Hyperledger Foundation, will sit down with Hart Montgomery of Fujitsu and Peter Somogyvari
from Accenture, two long-time leaders in the Hyperledger developer community, to talk about how development happens in the open source community and the latest developments in the current enterprise blockchain ecosystem. Hart and Peter are contributors to Hyperledger Cactus, a blockchain integration tool designed to allow users to securely integrate different blockchains. They are also members of the Hyperledger Technical Steering committee. The discussion will cover:

- Business and technical drivers for expanding blockchain networks into extensible multiparty systems capable of exchanging data in secure, transparent ways across a mix of platforms
- The growing pipeline of technologies for cross chain, off chain and legacy system interoperability
- The value of an open ecosystem in driving innovation and trusted software
- The opportunities to get involved in the community of communities developing and deploying the increasingly diverse technologies in the enterprise blockchain space