Tuesday, February 8, 2022

OPEN TALK: Flying Blind? The Case for Effective API Security
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John Jeremiah
John Jeremiah
Traceable AI, Director

The business demanded rapid innovation. Software development and IT figured out how to provide it. But now we have a whole host of new problems. In the resulting world of cloud-native apps, microservices, and API-driven applications, what we came to rely on for keeping it all running and secure is no longer enough.

In this new fog, we are basically “flying blind”. Modern applications are extremely hard to secure and protect as they are complex and continuously changing. Our visibility of what we have, how it is behaving, and how it is being used (and abused) has diminished tremendously. So how do we begin to see through the fog once again?

In this session you’ll learn:
- Why are we flying blind
- 4 key areas to focus on to stop flying blind
- A way to get started quickly (for free!)