Wednesday, February 9, 2022

OPEN TALK: Fake Your Data: Mimicking Production to Maximize Testing, Shorten Sprints, and Release 5x Faster
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Andrew Colombi, PhD
Andrew Colombi, PhD, Co-founder & CTO
Kasey Alderete
Kasey Alderete, Head of Product

Raise your hand if you’ve ever written a script or built a tool to generate test data for your staging environment. Keep your hand up if it was fun. And easy. And still works. If your hand (and shoulders and morale) fell, rest assured you’re not alone. Now for the good news: help is here.

With the increasing complexity of today’s data ecosystems and the expanding reach of privacy regulations, generating useful, safe test data has become more difficult and riskier than ever. An effective test data solution must work across a variety of database types and de-identify production in a way that ensures privacy. Challenging? Yes. Attainable? That, too.

Technologies now exist that integrate directly into your data ecosystem to create test data that looks, acts, and behaves just like your production data. By hydrating QA and staging with useful, safe, fake data, dev teams are upleveling testing, catching bugs faster, and shortening their development cycles by as much as 60%. Data mimicking sets a new standard of quality test data generation that combines the best aspects of anonymization, synthesis, and subsetting.

Explore these technologies in a live demo and discover how to use them to:
- Maintain consistency in your test data across tables and across databases
- Subset your data from PB down to GB without breaking referential integrity
- Achieve mathematical guarantees of data privacy
- Increase your team’s efficiency by 50%
- Realize 5x more releases per day