Wednesday, February 9, 2022

PRO TALK: Develop and Communicate Product Strategy in World of Open Source
Mohit Suman
Mohit Suman
Red Hat, Technical Product Manager

The idea of understanding the collaboration between Product Manager and different stakeholders in the journey of making a product provides some very invaluable real-world insights. Product managers have the notoriously difficult job of bringing design, engineering, and business together to create successful products that customers love. Product Managers of Open Source goods, on the other hand, serve a diverse group of contributors, packagers, committees, and partners, in addition to demanding commercial clients.

We will look at the particular difficulties and opportunities in this talk and understand some of the nuances of Developing and Communication product strategy as a Open Source Product Manager:
1. Product Management Magic with Open Source
2. Collaborate, Innovate and Express
3. The Craft of working with 'X'
4. The Inconvenient Truth About Product
5. Real Life Product Management

We often talk and discuss about product manifests, methodologies to make a product successful. The prima facie points will help us to understand the strategic pillars needed to make a product successful in the realm of Open Source world.