Monday, February 7, 2022

PRO WORKSHOP: Hasura as a Rich GraphQL Gateway for Your Frontend Applications
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Yshay Yaacobi
Yshay Yaacobi
Livecycle, CTO

There are many advantages to using GraphQL as an API for your frontend, however building a GraphQL server that provides security guarantees, serves entities from your database or other microservices can be very tedious and error prone.
By using Hasura, we can start leveraging the power of GraphQL and provide a secure and robust API the can easily connect with our backends and DB.

In this talk, I'll provide a short intro to GraphQL, present how we usually build GraphQL servers with tools such Apollo, and then show how this former process can be simplified significantly with Hasura.

Afterwards, we'll dive into some of Hasura's advanced features such as row-column permissions, remote joins, actions - that supercharge your GraphQL capabilities. We'll share how we use it internally at Livecycle as our main backend-for-frontend that provides us with much greater control of the security and flexibility for complex data management.