KEYNOTE: Intel -- Simplifying Design and Development to Solve for Edge AI

Bill Pearson
Intel, VP of the Internet of Things Group & General Manager of Developer Enabling

William (Bill) J. Pearson is Vice President of the Internet of Things Group and General Manager of Developer Enabling at Intel Corporation. Pearson is responsible for enabling developers, applications and ecosystem scale on Intel’s Internet of Things products. He and his team deliver developer tools and solutions, engaging developers globally to drive strategic application enabling, architecture conversions, porting and optimization supporting the Intel Internet of Things product portfolio. To drive reach of Intel solutions, Bill’s team leads edge-to-cloud ecosystem applications enabling spanning across the Edge market including AI, Computer Vision, Edge Inference, and Converged Edge for vertical deployments and acceleration through solutions scale programs. 

As data drives new and evolving IoT opportunities across all segments of the market, the role of the developer becomes increasingly important in being able to utilize existing tools to drive new ways to create Edge AI solutions. However, solving for Edge AI can be a complex design and development process as it requires determining the right selection of sensors, hardware, deep learning frameworks, or deciding how to deploy the unique use case.

By democratizing access to AI and simplifying development, organizations can enable their developers to quickly experiment with different algorithms, processors and optimization techniques or prototype and customize without having to spend weeks obtaining and setting up development boards. In this session, Bill will discuss how organizations can achieve this and empower their developers to build innovative Edge AI solutions – solutions that will improve lives and transform industries.