KEYNOTE: Roblox -- Enabling Developers to Build the Metaverse

Dan Sturman
Roblox, Chief Technology Officer

Dan Sturman is the Chief Technology Officer at Roblox where he manages and supports Roblox’s diverse blend of engineering leaders in a variety of specialties including; App, Game Engine, Developer, International, Economy, Safety, and Platform Engineering groups. Before joining Roblox, Dan was the Vice President of Engineering & Support at Cloudera, where he led a team of 600+ engineers, oversaw all software development and managed customer support. Additionally, he previously served as Vice President of Engineering at Google, where he led the development of cloud products such as Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Kubernetes, as well as the internal cluster management systems that manage Google’s fleet of servers.

Once seen as a far off idea, the metaverse today is lauded as the future, discussed daily in the media, and prominent in the public discourse — anything but ignored. Many experts have hypothesized what this will look like, and companies across industries and around the world are starting to come forth with their plans for their presence in this next stage of the digital age. For Dan Sturman, there’s one concept that’s central to this vision of the future online — human co-experience. In this session, Dan will outline the five key pillars of creating an ecosystem for human co-experience — fully user generated, persistent identity, universal availability, immediate teleportation, shared fabric — and dive into the latest technologies available for developers within each, including open source software, storage enhancements, Luau programming language advancements, avatar tech, search and discovery, authentication, and more. He will also spotlight how developers across platforms are leveraging technology and advancing what is possible both today and in the future. Furthermore, he will share Roblox’s vision of what will become the foundation of an accessible, safe, creative, and civil human co-experience.