OPEN TALK: How to Overcome Engineering & Product Gaps in a Self-Service World

Sagi Rodin
Frontegg, CEO

Sagi Rodin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Frontegg. Over the last 15 years, Sagi held senior product and software development positions leading engineering and product teams,and engaged with ad hoc projects of building customer-facing software applications, transforming concepts into viable products.

“I really want to develop a tool that aggregates user interactions!”, said no developer ever.

Product-Led Growth (PLG) has stormed into our lives over the past few years. Concepts like usage-based pricing, seamless onboarding, built-in security, and product analytics are now taking a toll on developers. Companies are investing more and more engineering resources on developing self-service features that are shifting the focus from building innovative code for your product’s core technology.

From the product side, this surely looks innovative and unique. However, from the development side, it adds another variable into the equation, which already includes bugs, security issues, never-ending product feedback loops, and other things that stop developers from building exceptional code.

But while investing resources in creating a seamless product experience is crucial, isn’t the core value of the product more important? How can developers build self-service features, while achieving their innovative selves?

In this talk, we will be discussing the application side of the story for PLG success. This will be a practical demonstration of how developers can integrate self-service and data-driven by-design capabilities, while ensuring speed, flexibility, and full user observability, without sacrificing innovation.