OPEN TALK: Learn How Redpanda Simplifies Data Transforms with WASM

James Kinley
Redpanda, Principal Solutions Architect

As a Principal Solutions Architect, James works closely with Redpanda’s customers in EMEA to accelerate the development of production data streaming applications. James loves to write code and use software to solve practical problems. His experience encompasses a mix of software engineering, machine learning, and professional services, across a variety of industries including cyber security and financial services. James is focused on large-scale data processing and streaming technologies such as Apache Spark, Kafka, and now Redpanda. 

Roughly 60% of stream processing is spent doing mundane transformation tasks like format unification for ML workloads, filtering for privacy, simple enrichments like geo-ip translations, etc.

In this session, we will show you how easy it can be to do streaming data transformations while also eliminating data ping-ponging between storage and compute — thanks to Redpanda’s built-in support for WebAssembly (WASM). We’ll share best practices for data transforms using Redpanda, our Kafka API-compatible streaming data platform.

We will also cover:
- Overview of Redpanda and our WASM architecture
- Example use cases for data transforms
- Live demo of data transforms