OPEN TALK: Prevent Security Weaknesses from Ever Being Committed to Your Source Code Repo

James Croall
Synopsys, Product Management Director

James is Director of Technical Product Management at Synopsys and is responsible for driving common product initiatives across the SIG portfolio. James has spent the last 15 years working with the Synopsys AST portfolio, helping customers successfully deploy static analysis within their organization. Prior to joining Synopsys, he worked as a security researcher with Symantec, McAfee and Trusted Information Systems, working on both government funded research as well as commercial product concepts. His background is electrical engineering and he would describe himself as a bit of a hacker. 

Learn how developers can use Synopsys® Code Sight™ plug-in to quickly find and fix security defects in source code, open source dependencies, IaC and more, without leaving the IDE. It’s easy to try, and provides quick time to value. It helps them write better code, fix issues before code commit, and avoid costly rework caused by issues not found until downstream testing.