OPEN TALK: The Changing Nature of Debugging

Nick Hodges
Rollbar, Developer Advocate

Nick Hodges is the Developer Advocate at Rollbar. He has a BA in Classical Languages from Carleton College and an MS in Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. In his career, he has been a busboy, a cook, a caddie, a telemarketer (for which he apologizes), an Office Manager, a high school teacher, a Naval Intelligence officer, a software developer, a product manager, and a software development manager. He's a passionate Minnesota sports fan -- especially the Timberwolves -- as he grew up and went to college in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. He currently lives in Phoenixville, PA. 

With testing and new releases, errors are going to creep through the cracks and new debugging approaches are needed. Nick Hodges, Developer Advocate at Rollbar, will uncover the 4 main insights that are transforming the ways we approach debugging to help return more productive time to developers.