OPEN TALK: Why You Should Adopt Opentelemetry

Phillip Carter
Honeycomb, Senior Product Manager

Phillip is a product manager at Honeycomb, focusing on all things developer experience: the Honeycomb API, OpenTelemetry SDKs, and more! Prior to Honeycomb, Phillip worked at Microsoft and helped build the modern cross-platform .NET, multiple version of the F# language and F# tooling, and a smattering of other developer tooling experiences. He's a big fan of functional programming and snowboarding, so you can ask him about that stuff too!

Instrumenting your services is table stakes for modern services work. If your services are appropriately instrumented, debugging stops becoming guesswork, and you can understand your systems at a much deeper level than just knowing when something goes wrong. And when something is table stakes in software development, it cannot be controlled by any one vendor. OpenTelemetry is an increasingly popular vendor-neutral Observability framework for cloud-native software, poised to be the global standard for instrumenting systems. It’s a set of APIs, SDKs, and tools so that you can better understand your software’s performance and behavior. In this session, Phillip will walk you through what OpenTelemetry is from a developer’s standpoint, why you should choose it if you’re building cloud-native applications, and strategies for instrumenting a system with OpenTelemetry. At the end of this talk, you should feel empowered to adopt OpenTelemetry today and participate in an increasingly vendor-neutral future!