PRO TALK (CloudWorld): Modernizing Applications with Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform

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Maciej Gruszka
Oracle, Senior Director Product Management

Maciej Gruszka is Senior Director of Product Management working in Oracle Headquarter responsible for running a team of Outbound Product Management of Oracle Enterprise Cloud Native Java team. Since 1999 he works as specialist in the middleware. Initially in BEA Systems as Senior Principal System Engineer where he supported and evangelized middleware across Eastern European customers of BEA. After BEA's acquisition he joined Oracle's regional forces of the competency center in sales consulting organization. He was the main Oracle WebLogic specialist in the region. In 2011 he decided to move to the Oracle's development division where he was holding the position of EMEA Product Manager for Cloud Application Foundation. In 2014 he joined HQ and he is Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, Verrazzano and project.

Oracle released Verrazzano as Container Management Platform software in 2021. It is Open Source Platform that accelerates application development productivity and innovation across different business applications regardless of your use of microservices or traditional monolith applications. The platform enables customers to modernize their existing applications landscapes and it provides a cloud-neutral approach to achieve the same observability and lifecycle benefits regardless of deploying on premise or on Cloud infrastructure with the ability to manage multi-cloud environments