PRO TALK (CloudWorld): The Most Dangerous Demo Ever (Or How to Perform Real Time Sentiment Analysis on Audience Messages)

CloudWorld Main Stage
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Tomas Neubauer
Quix, CTO

Tomas Neubauer is cofounder and CTO at Quix, responsible for the technical direction of the company across the full technical stack, and working as a technical authority for the engineering team. He was previously technical lead at McLaren, where he led architecture uplift for Formula One racing realtime telemetry acquisition. He later led platform development outside motorsport, reusing the knowhow he gained from racing.

It’s common knowledge that everything that could go wrong in a live demo will. Join us challenging Murphy’s law on multiple occasions as we build an application that will perform real-time sentiment analysis on the audience messages, from scratch. All you need to participate is your phone’s QR reader! Come and learn about streaming (vs batch), deploying ML models in real-time and automating MLOps in a data science project.