PRO TALK: Elevate Your Application with Progressive Delivery

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Ivan Diaz
Bugsnag, a Smartbear Company, Sr. Solutions Engineer

Ivan is the Manager of Solutions Engineering at Bugsnag, where he fosters relationships with customers and provides technical expertise on optimizing their error reports and stability targets. Previously, he worked at in Atlanta as a Software Engineer, where he transitioned into Client Success. After his time there, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked at Recurly as a Solutions Engineer. Ivan enjoys the outdoors, riding his bike, and spending time with family. 

Developers are under increasing pressure to build and ship applications quickly and then add new features consistently to boost user engagement and grow competitive advantage. Moving fast always comes with risks but since moving slow isn’t a popular option, how can development teams ship code with speed whilst strategically managing the risks?  

Progressive delivery is a modern way of developing, testing, and deploying code, which allows development teams to make data-driven decisions throughout the software delivery lifecycle, from pre-production to production.  

Join Ivan Diaz, Manager of Solutions Engineering at Bugsnag, a SmartBear company, to discuss how development teams should be thinking about progressive delivery. 

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