PRO TALK (ProductWorld): Bringing Agility to Product Management

Renu Motwani
Broadcom, Head of Product

Renu has over two decades of experience in the software industry. Renu has envisioned and led software products ranging from infrastructure management to application platforms and device runtimes at companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, Myriad Software and IBM. Currently at Broadcom, she is leading a top-tier enterprise software product line. Her work is driven by the principles of delivering value to businesses, and productivity to its users. Renu believes that technology should continue to evolve to become more relevant and applicable to not just new use cases but also to innovate the ways in which we do things today. Her products exemplify these principles.

Renu holds a BS in Computer Engineering, and an MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. She is a frequent speaker at various industry events, and loves to connect with new people sharing similar interests and background.

Ankur Agarwal
Venio System, VP of Products

Ankur Agarwal is VP of Products at Venio Systems, an eDiscovery company. Ankur specializes in Product Management and Marketing and uses his skills to build new products, strategy, and content for modern software companies. Before coming to Venio, Ankur founded and developed and launched several CaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products for companies like Rancher, VMware, CA, and Mercury Interactive. Ankur spends his free time volunteering at his daughter's school, teaching kids coding and math skills. 

Dan Rice
Broadcom’s ValueOps Regional Partner

Dan Rice has global responsibility for Broadcom’s ValueOps Regional Partner business with 27 years experience in consultant, advisory and leadership roles in Web Services (AWS), Aviation, Telecommunications, Insurance, Automotive and Retail.  Dan advises enterprises in the areas of cloud, business agility, value stream management and digital innovation. 

Accomplished agile leader with 29 years of experience across the Military, Education, Telecommunications, Retail, and Supply Chain industries. A transformative servant leader, she has successfully led organizational change in these industries and steered other executive leaders in top echelon organizations with this same mission. While her career has been dominated by technology, she maintains a passion for people and processes. Noël is energized by helping leaders create a culture of innovation, achieving great things with fast feedback loops and quick wins (or fast fails.) Her belief is that companies of all sizes must be armed to pivot, built for change; the past two years have pushed these ideals to the forefront. 

Is agility only for product development? Certainly not! By means of product management being an extension of product development to build a 'whole product', plus for the reasons such as product management being at the cusp of various cross-functions involved in the product delivery- product management perhaps requires to be more agile than any other function. Let us explore in this session 'how', and the 'value' in making product management agile.