PRO TALK (ProductWorld): Defining Your Journey from Good To Exceptional; Lessons Learned from a Rookie PM

Maria Paula Salazar
Qrvey, Head of Product Management

Maria started down the PM road as a UX-UI designer after previously working in web design and teaching web design courses in Colombia. Her non-technical background gave her a strong foundation in the critical skills necessary to quickly excel and lead intercultural and multidisciplinary teams across product, design, and engineering.

While she considers herself “ A Rookie PM” she has a unique ability to understand and connect with people and develop human-centered approaches that have helped startups and fast growing companies improve the way they design and build software, and innovate and scale their product teams.

She is passionate about empowering individuals and improving the processes that help people be better at whatever they do. She is inspired by the continuous movement in technology and is constantly pushing her boundaries and expanding her knowledge base.

In her free-time she is a connoisseur of everything art and design and considers herself a foodie. On the weekends you will probably find her with her family exploring new cultures, reviewing new exhibits at museums, playing rugby, or walking their two boxers.

Product Managers sit at the cross-road of business, UX, and technology and have the potential to make or break the product. Good product managers work hard to build and launch products that customers love, they conduct research, develop the product strategy and roadmap, communicate in all directions, and juggle about 1000 other things. But what is the journey to become an exceptional Product Manager? What is the roadmap to get there and what skills do you need in your toolkit?

Maria will highlight critical lessons learned in her journey from a non-technical background starting out in Colombia to leading teams across product, design, and engineering and rapidly scaling multidisciplinary and intercultural teams.

Participants will learn about how important skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, and effective priority setting are essential in laying the foundations for high-performing teams. Additionally, participants will walk away with the knowledge to be able to utilize their core strengths to set strategic priorities for their own journey from being good to exceptional.