PRO TALK (ProductWorld): Make Learning Look Like Work

Chris Butler
Cognizant, Global Head of Product Operations

Chris Butler is a Chaotic Good Product Manager, the Global Head of Product Operations at Cognizant, a writer, and a speaker. He worked previously as a product leader at Microsoft, Facebook Reality Labs, KAYAK, and Waze.

Does your team take enough time out of their schedules to improve their practice? Or do they find that they are in non-stop status meetings? When do they find time to improve themselves as an individual and a team?

Today's roles require experience and constant practice to be effective. Without taking the time to hone their craft your team will not be able to wrangle the increasingly complex world that they need to deal with daily.

If you don’t put aside the time for the team to learn it will fall to the individual. A small number of people will take on more hours to improve themselves but burn out. While other people that don’t have the extra time will improve at a much slower rate through their experience. The core of the problem is that we separate how we learn from the work we do on a regular basis.

In this talk, Chris Butler will help you understand how you should replace, restructure, and repeat meetings to help the team grow individually and together. By making our learning and training look more like work we will help everyone grow.