PRO TALK (ProductWorld): Product Discovery: How to Innovate with Quick Experiments

Jim Morris
Product Discovery Group, Founder

Jim is a coach for Product Management leaders and teams in early stage startups, tech companies and Fortune 100 corporations.

Previously, Jim was an engineer, product manager and leader at startups where he developed raw ideas into successful products several times. He co-founded PowerReviews which grew to 1,200+ clients and sold for $168 million. He product-managed and architected one of the first ecommerce systems at which had a $450 million IPO.

These days, he adapts product management principles to a variety of industries including machine learning, computer vision, business services, ecommerce, digital health, and energy infrastructure.

He graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science.

There's no point creating something that no one wants.

Yet, many teams skip doing Product Discovery with customers.

In this session, Jim will present concrete Product Discovery best practices that teams can start using immediately. He’ll focus on how to create quick experiments that drive valuable feedback while being easier to create and easier to analyze.

With these best practices, you’ll feel more confident building prototypes and leading customer interviews so you can make evidence-based decisions. And as you do more Product Discovery, you’ll uncover more customer-inspired innovation.