PRO TALK (ProductWorld): Tales of the Team

Shu Lai
HOVER, Head of Design

Shu Lai is the Head of Design at HOVER, the spatial data company helping people improve their homes with the world's best 3D property data.

Shu has been doing this for a long time. His roles over the years have taken many forms, but deep down, he cares most about one thing: solving human problems. Shu has lived and worked in the Bay Area for more than 20 years and has seen the evolution of this industry firsthand. 

Product development has evolved rapidly over the years, but there has always been one element at the core of success or failure: People.

During this talk, you’ll learn about how great teams are created and how to keep them great, gaining insights into what works and what doesn’t work through stories of 20 years of trial and error. You’ll learn how to grow product teams from scratch, build them through high-scale growth, startup crash and burns, and through company IPOs. Hear about these things and more while learning how to keep your attention on what matters most -- the humans that make it all happen.