PRO TALK (ProductWorld): What's So Special About Digital Product Management

Michael Fulton
Expedient, Commercial Strategy

Michael Fulton is a Digital Strategist and VP, Commercial Strategy at Expedient, the nation’s premier hybrid cloud provider. Mike joined Expedient October 2019 at their Chief Innovation Officer and now has overall responsibility for the company’s commercial strategy and market intelligence functions. Mike is also academic director and adjunct professor for Digital topics at The Ohio State University. Prior to joining Expedient, Mike spent time at Nationwide where he led Technology Innovation, CC&C Solutions where he was Chief Information & Digital Officer and President, Americas Division, and P&G where he was Chief Cloud Architect and Chief Shared Services Architect among many roles. He has also been startup mentor, industry advisor and board member over the years.

In this discussion, Michael Fulton, academic director and adjunct professor of Digital topics at The Ohio State University, will discuss the concept of Digital Product Management and how it uniquely defines the intersection between product management and application management in new and powerful ways.