PRO TALK (ProductWorld): Why the Product Owner/Product Manager Battle is a Myth

Tolulope Ayeni
Rexel, Product Lead

Tolulope Ayeni has led Product Management teams to create software products that customers love and pay for in SaaS, Web, Mobile & ERP; eCommerce areas across Finance, Insurance, Banking and Energy sectors. 
As a leader in the Product community, she is an International Product Mentor with mentees across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. She also facilitates Practical Product Management Workshops in Paris, France.
Tolulope currently manages an international team of Product Managers. 

Product Owner vs Product Manager, what's the difference?

In this session, rather than fuel the seemingly existing battle between the Product Owner/Product Manager titles, we will go into details of why this disparity exists in the first place, what is expected of you as a Product Owner or Product Manager and how to succeed at what you do.