PRO TALK: The Developer Fatigue: Innovating under Pressure

DeveloperWeek PRO STAGE B

Sagi Rodin
Frontegg, CEO

Sagi Rodin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Frontegg. Over the last 15 years, Sagi held senior product and software development positions leading engineering and product teams,and engaged with ad hoc projects of building customer-facing software applications, transforming concepts into viable products.

True developers would agree: solving complex problems and coming up with innovative software solutions is every developer’s holy grail. But often developers are faced with the impossible: 25% of their time is spent on debugging, 25% is lost on meetings and security, and 20% on code maintenance. Innovation is lost in a space of unoriginality. But as the software world is heading towards a what’s known as “bottom-up” approach, developers can have a true impact on the development process, and help companies reach better dev decisions. In this session we will talk about key insights and trends from our Dev Innovation report, addressing the developer impact, what is holding it back, and what can drive it for growth.