PRO TALK: Why You Should Invest in Developer Experience

Jacob Bo Tiedemann
ThoughtWorks, Product Lead

Jacob is a Product Lead with ThoughtWorks. Once being a developer and now working in product roles, he is driven by the idea of applying product thinking to technical products and platforms. In his recent adventure, he used the same practices for end-user product development to build an automotive developer platform that developers now love. Jacob's passion is with socio-technical systems, creating a thriving synergy between architecture and organisation. 

Tanja Bach
ThoughtWorks Germany, Lead Business Analyst

Tanja is a Product Person, Agile Advocate, UX Practitioner. Passionate about agile & lean principles to deliver products that customers love and always in search of the why.
Driven by the curiosity to see if product thinking can be applied to “tech heavy” products, Tanja joined an infrastructure team that built a cloud platform that delights developers and product owners alike.
She believes that technical capabilities should be built with the same approaches used for end-user product development, applying the same user research, prioritization and feedback techniques. 

We observe bad Developer Experiences across industries and in a variety of organisations and products. A common result of bad DX is a high cognitive load for development teams: long waiting times lead to a high amount of context switches and ultimately to a degrading momentum. Still some technical products and platforms struggle due to a lack of empathy with the user, the developer.A good Developer Experience on the other hand gets your features into production fast, reliable and safe. Whether you are managing an organisation or building a product for developers, it is time to research your developer users’ experience and invest in it.Based on our experience building a cloud and an IoT platform used by developers, we will highlight the business benefits of a good developer experience and take a closer look at indicators that help identify the right opportunities to invest in.