PRO WORKSHOP: Building a Data Intensive Application with Javascript and Client Side GPU

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Shan He
Foursquare, Senior Director of Engineering

Shan He is senior director of engineering at Foursquare and Co-Founder of Unfolded. She is a coder, a designer, and a data artist who has built her career in geospatial analytics and visualization. Before founding Unfolded, Shan was the first member of Uber's data visualization team. At Uber, she created the advanced geospatial visualization tool which won the 2018 Kantar Information is Beautiful Award. 

"Frontend" is no longer just about rendering static HTML elements in the browser. Many companies are building interactive, data-intensive client-side applications that unleash the full potential of Javascript. In this talk, attendees will learn how to build high-performance, client-side applications for analyzing and visualizing millions of data points in the browser. Further, attendees will hear about popular opensource frameworks - powered by WebGL and leveraging client-side GPU - and how to build a Javascript application on top of those frameworks.