PRO WORKSHOP: Data Science for Infrastructure: Observe, Understand, Automate

Zain Asgar
New Relic, GVP & Product GM

Zain Asgar is currently the GVP/GM - Pixie at New Relic, through the acquisition of Pixie Labs Inc. where he was the co-founder/CEO. Zain is also an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Benchmark before co-founding Pixie. He has a PhD from Stanford and has helped build at-scale data and AI/ML at Google AI, Trifacta and Nvidia.

Natalie Serrino
New Relic, Principal Engineer

Natalie Serrino is a Principal Engineer at New Relic working on the Pixie Open Source project. She focuses on Pixie’s data layer, more specifically, the PxL language, the PxL compiler, and Pixie’s edge query engine for analytics. 

Cloud-native applications today are increasingly complex and therefore increasingly hard to understand. It’s critical to connect decisions around resource allocation and architecture to business metrics such as end-user latency, but very difficult to do in practice. Ultimately, understanding how your systems behave and why is a data analytics problem. Like most data analytics problems, the trick is in collecting and wrangling the right data sources. In this talk, you will learn how Pixie, an open-source observability platform for Kubernetes, can be used to painlessly turn low-level telemetry data into high-level signals about system health. The talk will also show these high-level signals can be used as input to infrastructure workloads such as CI/CD and load balancing in order to improve their performance.