PRO WORKSHOP: Designing APIs: Less Data is More

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Damir Svrtan
Netflix, Senior Software Engineer

Lead Software Engineer at Netflix. Strong advocate of clean coding, automated testing and passionate about constant improvement. Former organizer of Ruby Meetups in Zagreb, blogger, open source lover and contributor. 

In the last decade, we have seen a proliferation of APIs being built. There are now numerous standards in developing APIs, but often these APIs lack design principles - they are designed by guessing what our API consumers need, instead of talking to our consumers to more deeply understand what their needs are. These APIs end up exposing more than is needed - unnecessary fields, redundant relationships, and endpoints that no one asked for. These kinds of practices later on introduce communication overhead, extra maintenance costs, negative performance impacts, and waste time that could have been spent better otherwise We'll walk through how to design minimal APIs that are straightforward to use, and that are exactly what our API consumers need.